Castle Owen
Project Details

This scheme was the first development upon this brown field site previously used as a coalmine. The result was highly serviced flexible office space for innovative business use.

New highly serviced specialist business innovation centre, comprising various sized office suites.

Approximate size - 1500m2
Contract value - £2.5m
Project programme - 10 months

Services Delivered:

  • Employers agent
  • Cost management
  • Project management
  • Planning supervisor (pre April 2007 project)
  • Access consultancy

This scheme was the first development upon this brown field site previously worked as a coal mine. The scheme was funded by East Midlands Development Agency, European Regional Development Fund.

The scheme provides highly serviced flexible office space for innovative business use. The project incorporated many sustainable technologies including ground source heating.

Castle Owen were commissioned to provide pre and post contract employers agent, project management and planning supervisor services (pre april 2007) . Bond Bryan Architects had successfully gained planning consent for the scheme.

The pre contract services included the selection of suitable contractors through pre qualification, formal tender and interview.

Post contract services included employers agent duties in administering the construction contract, liaison with contractors designers, agreement of variations and valuations, cost management and quality control services.

Detailed programming advice was provided throughout the process. The project was completed within the timescales set out at the outset and those imposed by the funding regime to the satisfaction of our client.

Castle Owen have provided us with a high level of service and we enjoy a close working relationship with them. Their technical ability and commitment to the project is commendable, and they have been very helpful in assisting us through the various stages and processes of the project.


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